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Black holes and a frog on a Lilly pad



If you want to understand a Black Hole fill a sink or bathtub with water and then pull the plug. Imagine that the water is a galaxy like our own Milky Way. Watch as the water ‘falls’ out through the drain, rotating as it flows. This is how dead stars ‘fall’ into Black Holes that are tunnels into Dark Space.

In E=0 no powerful gravitational force crushes stars or drags them into Black Holes. If you were to go to Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the United States you would see (on average)150,000 gallons per second of water ‘falling’ over American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls. If you launched a small boat upstream the boat would float downstream until it ‘fell’ over the Falls. No Universal Gravitational force sucks the boat over the falls.

There are no general forces in the Universe (universal gravitational force, time, space with properties). Every force requires a source and the source is always the result of matter and space combining in space.



Imagine that you are ice skating in the moonlight at a fast speed. Suddenly you see a vast hole in the ice ahead of you and you are unable to stop and so you skate off the edge of the ice into the ‘black hole’. No gravitational force sucks you into the hole.. You ‘fall’ into the hole.

The frog on the Lilly pad on a sunny afternoon and Sgr A*, 14 million miles wide, the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, have a common birth:

The form matter (mass) takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.

So there are no ‘unifying forces’ holding the universe together but rather ‘force fields’ created by the unlimited forms matter takes. In this sense, the frog on the Lilly pad and the ‘Black Hole’ are one.

But please remember this. E=0 is just one Unified Theory. There are many other Unified Theories that do include the Big Bang, gravity, time and the rest. So explore and take your pick.