A unified theory kids can understand



Isn’t it time we craft a new Unified Theory kids can understand


the Theory

“The form mass/matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exist in space.”

– H Stanley Judd


you are about to take a space voyage to the black hole at the center of our galaxy (the milky way) and after your return to planet earth learn about a new unified theory kids can understand

milky way

So … let’s have some fun!
Good luck on your flight
click here to launch your space mission
Space images: Credit NASA


You have commanded your virtual space probe through our universe, traveled billions of light years, visited our moon, the planet Saturn, our sun, our galaxy, the Milky Way, and flown through the back hole at the center of our galaxy into Dark Space.


What you have seen is our universe:

matter existing in space.

What follows is a new Unified Theory of your universe, crafted just for you so that you can understand your place in the universe.

The new theory is called E=0 and it’s not complicated.

This is all you have to know:

“The form mass/matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exists in space.”

So what does ‘the form mass/matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exists in space’ mean?’ And why is this important to you?

It means that everything in our universe is made of the same stuff so you don’t have to travel to outer space to understand how our universe works. Everything you need is right here.

So whatever you see (a bee, a bonnet, a star, rain) is there because of the conditions in which it exists.

Enjoy, and learn why in E=0, time doesn’t exist, there was no big bang, our universe recycles itself, a universal gravitational force isn’t there, there is no force sucking dying stars into black holes, dark energy are photons traveling at a temperature close to absolute zero and why you wont find singularities anywhere in our Universe. But please remember this. E=0 is just one Unified Theory. There are many other Unified Theories that do include the Big Bang, gravity, time and the rest. So explore and take your pick.

Thanks for stopping by.

All you have to do to learn more about E=0 is just keep on reading 🙂


You now know that  this new unified theory, E=0,  is based on the fundamental concept:

“The form mass/matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exists in space.”

Now let’s see how your universe works.

Let’s approach and dock on the space station and ask questions in the space lab.

In your virtual probe through space you saw where a small part of your universe is.

Now it’s time to understand how your universe works.

So let’s get going

Your Universe is made up of empty space and mass/matter/energy.

The primary energy that drives our universe is electromagnetic radiation.

Sunlight: Photons that carry the light)(everywhere)

(The temperature in our sun’s core is 15 million degrees Celsius.)

This energy flows from the stars and it is extreme heat that generates this radiation.

On a sunny day go outside and you will feel the heat. This radiation/energy is distributed throughout the universe in particles we call photons.

Your Universe is divided into light space and dark space.

Light Space is space in which there is electromagnetic radiation.


indexcredit NASA

Dark Space is space in which there is no electromagnetic radiation.

imagesCAG5574Q - Copy


100_0570-1The Big Snow (photo by David Sarokin, placed in public domain by author)

Dark Space is space in which at a temperature of absolute zero (()Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) there is no electromagnetic radiation.

In light space, thermonuclear radiation reaches extremely hot temperatures especially at the core of a star (our sun) (very, very hot!)

The primary conditions that determine the form matter takes in space are heat (a force) and the lack of heat. (cold).

All mass/matter/energy everywhere in our universe is created from the same stuff:

plasma, sub atomic particles, particles, atoms, molecules and so on.

                  Our Universe recycles itself

Now you know that mass/matter/energy flows from the stars throughout our universe and that the form matter takes (a frog, a supernova, an orange) depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exists in space.

You now know that electromagnetic radiation (generated in the stars) is the primary energy source of the universe, carried throughout the universe in particles called photons. In dark space at a temperature of absolute zero there is no electromagnetic radiation and photons become … star dust.

Dark matter

In Dark Space matter is dark because the radiation level has been reduced to zero (or close to it). Matter flows into Dark Space (dead stars, dead planets, asteroids, photons and flotsam and jetsam (meteorites, rocks).

In Dark space matter/energy combine like a black snowball, grow in size until the weight of the object triggers a thermonuclear event. When a new star like our sun is born the crust of the new star either falls back into the new star, moves away from the new star, or orbits the new star as a planet

Now let’s return to earth to watch an important slide show scheduled just for you. Be sure to pay attention because understanding what follows is your key to observing reality and crafting plans that will get you to where you want go.

Welcome to the slide show

This slide show will demonstrate how mass/matter/energy changes form as the conditions change in the space in which mass/matter/energy exists.

Imagine that it is a hot summer afternoon and you and your friends are standing on a dock on a lake. You are looking at rain drops. Each raindrop has a form. It is a raindrop made out of water.

Now you see the raindrops fall into the lake. Now the water is no longer in the form of a raindrop. Now there is no longer a raindrop but a lake. The new form is the lake. Conditions have changed. The raindrop form is no more.

Now the summer rain stops. It is a hot day so you and your friends go swimming in the lake. You can do so because the form of  the water in the lake is liquid.

But conditions change. Now it is winter and you and your friends are ice skating because the lake has frozen over. Conditions have changed. The water is no longer a liquid, it has frozen solid.

Next spring water warms on the surface of the lake, evaporates and the water (now a water vapor) rises to seed another cloud and start the cycle all over again..

                 The universe recycles itself.

To repeat: The form mass/matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which mass/matter/energy exists in space everywhere in the universe without exception.

When you understand this you can apply this concept to everything that goes on in your life and, like a road map, it can lead you to where you want to go.

Good luck!

Good luck
thank you for visiting this site
– H Stanley Judd

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